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Possible correction in KB8016

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I was following the instructions under KB8016 (https://support.eset.com/en/kb8016-automate-the-activation-of-eset-liveguard-advanced-with-eset-protect

but there seems to an issue. Specifically in part I, step 2 of the instructions the user is asked to "Click Computers, expand Windows computers, click Windows (desktops) → gear..."

This is most likely wrong since the instructions in parts V-VI instruct the admin to create a policy and assign it to a dynamic sub-group to the one created in part I, step 2. However that group contains no Windows Servers and therefore the policy will not "find" any windows servers to connect to.

It feels as though the proper way to address this is by modifying part I, step 2 to create the "ESET LiveGuard compatible" dynamic group directly under "Windows computers" instead of "Windows (desktops)". This way, the dynamic group created will contain Windows server and ESET file server products...

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Documentation feedback can be sent by clicking this button on the right-hand side of this forum:


This way you can request a new content or suggest modification of an existing KB. I've already sent a request on your behalf.

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Anyways, the suggestion to select "Windows computers" is not appropriate either as there may be also Linux machines where ESET LiveGuard Advanced can be activated too.

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Posted (edited)

Not sure about that; if I understand correctly the policies created in parts IV-V of the guide create policies specific to either Windows endpoint or Windows server products, therefore they won't apply to Linux/non-Windows products at all.

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