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Duplicate IP address pop up

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Hello all,

After using ESET Protect for some time, I have been experiencing the following problem on a few computers:

When I want to access a certain server, I get the message that there seems to be a duplicate IP address, but the MAC address referred to in the log has a different fixed IP address. (see screenshot)
The IP address is not in a DHCP range, which means no other computer or server can have it. Furthermore, all MAC addresses in the log belong to the same server.

Thanks in advance

Screenshot 2022-08-08 154342.png

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Please carry on as follows:

  1. Enable advanced logging under Help and support -> Technical support
  2. Reboot the machine
  3. Reproduce the duplicate IP address detection (should not take long to keep logs relatively small)
  4. Stop logging
  5. Collect logs with ESET Log Collector and upload the generated archive here.
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