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My policies seem to be getting overwritten.  Here's what I did.
I went into policy mgr and created a new empty policy.  I configured it
the way i wanted and saved it.  (If i go in and view policy, it looks good)
I add clients, then check their configuration and it shows everything with
blue (like everything was changed) or like it was merged.  I tweaked the thescheduleld jobs and now

there seems to be more and doubles of some of them.  I can't find the issue.  What am i missing?

Only 1 server handling the policies


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If you right click on a computer in the client list, of the clients tab, and choose Set policy, then choose your newly created policy, what happens ?

When you say you add clients, how are you doing this ?

Are you looking at the filtering on the left ? I woudn't go that route. Create the policy with manager, then right click your clients and set policy in the clients window. Unless your playing with groups and multiple policies.

Next time they connect to ERA they will update.

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