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VMware virtual machine slow with ESET Internet Security running

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Hello all.

I'm having an issue with running vms on VMware workstation after installing ESET Internet Security. I have used them for a long time before, so I know they should work fine on my PC. With ESET they run very slow and audio also became choppy.

I found a similar thread about this issue, but it was closed.

It's old, and the issue still persists. Not sure what to do here.

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Since you are able to reproduce the issue, please carry on as follows:

- in the advanced setup -> tools -> diagnostics enable advanced operating system logging
- reproduce the issue
- after 30-60 seconds stop logging
- wait at least 30s
- collect logs with ESET Log Collector and upload the generated archive. If too large to upload here, upload it to a file sharing service and drop me a message with a download link.

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Thanks for the reply, Marcos!

Did the steps.

The VM was started when I enabled advanced OS logging. I ran the vm for a bit, got it stuttering, shut it down, started it again, shut it down, then did the rest of the steps after "reproduce the issue". After disabling OS logging it took quite a bit to end the loading animation, I waited a bit after that.

Used default profile and default settings, set log age limit to one day.

I uploaded archive to Mega, I'll drop a link in a private message.

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18 minutes ago, bare-costly-wind said:

For anyone running into this problem downgrading to 16.1.2 from 16.2.x helped.

Not recommended due to vulnerabilities that exist in VM Workstation prior to ver. 16.2.4.

Ref.: https://www.vmware.com/security/advisories/VMSA-2022-0023.html

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That is true, though I'm only running legacy software on Windows 98 that is not connected to internet.

I wonder what happened that it's working so slowly. I found and old installer on archive.org (verified with virustotal that it's the original), so used that to downgrade. Waiting for VMWare 17 I guess.

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OK, so at some point Windows Hypervisor got enabled for me and VMware is not best friends with it.

Followed instructions here to set hypervisorlaunchtype to off. Worked nicely, no more stutter and VMs are nice and fast.


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