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Norton Antivirus discontinued, because "Antivirus is dead"!


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"Antivirus is dead"
In May Symantec stated that Antivirus is dead. And of course this statement was immediately discussed.
Jerome Segura, a researcher at Malwarebytes called it "quite [...] bold" and added:

“[AV is] only a portion of the security business,” Segura said, and it’s a portion that has been very crowded for many years now. “The market share is so divided that making money in the AV space is getting more and more difficult.”

Also Kaspersky disagrees: Kaspersky rubbishes Symantec VP's claim that antivirus is 'dead', calls it marketing stunt


More information also in this article: No, anti-virus software isn't dead (yet)

It isn't a 'moneymaker' anymore
Ibtimes.com concludes that

[...] the point is not really that AV is dead, but that Symantec isn’t making as much money from it anymore.

Also ZDNet reported this:

From The Wall Street Journal [...], the antivirus giant said that end-point security technology isn't a "moneymaker" in any way, [...].
Which isn't a surprise for Symantec, whose Norton antivirus products have barely made any new dents in the security market in years — despite it being bundled with almost every new Windows computer as premium bloatware.

Symantec discontinued Norton Antivirus
And today a German publisher has published that Symantec will discontinue the development for Norton Antivirus. As a new customer you can't buy it anymore!

Symantecs stated on its own website:

It's time to move beyond antivirus with layered protection at the endpoint. Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1.4 brings unrivaled security and blazing performance across physical and virtual systems and is equipped to protect the latest operating systems achieving maximum performance and advanced protection.



Time to change?!


But I'm sure that some user want a light protection that only protects against malware. (maybe because they want to use a different firewall or something else)


So maybe it's time for you to change your malware protection software.

I can recommend the brand-new ESET NOD32 Antivirus in the 2015 edition (that's version 8).


But why ESET?

It has many great technologies, e.g. a system that monitors the system events (HIPS) and that could also be controlled by the user or an exploit blocker that is specialized for blocking exploits in PDF readers, Java, Browsers and more. In the new version this exploit blocker was enhanced amongst other things.


BTW: Of course ESET also has a complete protection suite, called ESET Smart Security (with a firewall and many other features). If you want to use it you can also do this - but nobody forces you to do so.

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