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MSP - Automatic Licence based on group


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Is it possible to have machines automatically licenced based on the group that they're moved into?

We have a generic installer, that adds devices into a 'PreStage' group. Then we move them into their relevant company, and then have to run an activation task to activate it. It would be good if this could be automated, so any new members of a group can get automatically activated.

I know you can do this for dynamic groups, but the company folders for MSP are not dynamic. 

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  • ESET Staff


The only solution how to automate it currently would be to create a dynamic group with a specific "product activation task", pointing to a customer license (triggers set to "DG join / regular, incase of any activation hiccups). If I do understand your request correctly, you would simply trigger "re-activation" / "activation" the moment you drag/drop/move the particular device into it´s company group. Correct?  I will discuss this with my colleagues from product management, whether it would be possible, but on the first sounding it seems to be a good idea. @igi008

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