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ESET Protect Cleaning up Sysinspector logs

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Hi everyone. 
So Apparently I have a very specific issue with upgrading from EP 9.0 to EP 9.1. 
Apparently during the upgrade there is a MSSQL db upgrade that ESET Server service is passing through. 
Unforunately, I Made a job a while ago to create a sysinspector log (thought it might be helpful to have a 1 job per day) to keep track of computers.


Apparently it filled up the db to about 6.9GB size, so when trying to convert the db for 9.1 - I am hitting the 10gb db limit and everything gets toasted. 

Is there a way to clean those sysinspector logs entries? image.png.c5ec9da152836fc6a7adf3aa457ff0ee.png

Adding a screenshot of the data through MSSM Studio



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