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Suppress warning for Windows updates on ESET client machines

Edmond Lo

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Hi there, 

We are on ESET Endpoint Security 9.1.2051.0 and manage our client via ESET Cloud. Our client workstations (Win 10 and 11) are configured to install Windows updates within different maintenance windows, automatically, via GPO and we have WSUS to manage these updates. What happens is that we have test group for workstations that when updates are available will get installed immediately. Then we have the rest of the fleet that don't auto install updates until after 2 weeks.

One thing is that when updates are available, ESET will generate a warning at the client machine, and every time user signs in, it prompts the user to perform the update. ESET Cloud Admin interface also flags a warning for the machine. 

I want to mute the warning at the client machine, but not at Cloud Admin page. The ESET knowledgebase pointed me to create a policy for ESET Endpoint for Windows, and under Notifications/Application Statuses/Application Statuses/General/Windows update available, I need to remove the tick for the Show column but leave Send ticked. After applying this policy to the client, we found that it muted the warning at the client, but it also muted the warning at Admin interface for the client too.

I was wondering if there is a way where it does not suppress the warning at the Admin interface please, so as admin, we can still see that updates are yet to be applied on the clients, but the users don't get the warning/prompt from ESET and went ahead updating their machines, which are not due for another week, please?




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  • ESET Staff

Hi Edmond, your configuration is correct and should result in a behavior when: 

  1. there is no warning shown in the endpoint local UI 
  2. if updates are missing on the machine, machine will be "yellow" and alert / problem "Windows updates available" will be shown. 

If this does not work, it might indicate either a bug in our configuration module, or you might have another policy, that might be in conflict and overruled the one you configured. Maybe @Marcos will have smore more details recommendation. 

PS: You can monitor status of "windows updates" also via "ESET Management Agent". In policy for the agent, you can configure that it will monitor windows update status. 


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