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ESET Protect 9.1.1295 - Constant Crashing

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We up-graded to the latest version of ESET Protect for Windows 9.1.1295 several weeks ago.

We have had nothing but issues  with this release.  We were advised to downgrade our version of Java Runtime Environment due to "error 500" popping up when we tried to complete certain tasks.

We have downgraded to Java  13.0.2 as advised by ESET and now the console disconnects ever couple of minutes or crashed when completing certain tasks.

I have been advised this is an issue but I don't see anyone one these forums complaining about it.

Am I alone?

Any ideas as we use the console continuously and the is effecting our productivity.


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If you have already opened a support ticket with ESET UK and provided logs, please provide the ticket number. Otherwise open a ticket for further troubleshooting of the issue.

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