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not any reaction after 4 days from ESET lab

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I send this email 4 days ago and also yester day as follow but no reaction from ESET. such these fake servers must be blacklist very fast so they can not sell their fake license. I hope that in V8 ESET do not let users to crack AV and set their own update servers.



We find these illegal update servers in ME region that their admin generate a FAKE user/pass and sell that to users for 10$/year . So ESET must blacklist their update servers so users could not update from this illegal update server. Also ESET must block their selling website that we listed below. While these fake resellers are active many users may become their victims :



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think that ESET must block their update servers and also block their Domain that use for Fake activate and Fake Selling.

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Their update servers are work fine and not blocked from updating yet !!! just their domain is blocked via browsers . it is about 21 days that we report these compnaies to ESET , 21 days is not enough ??? Why ESET is so slow in such these cases while illegal companies are increase daily . ESET must black list illigal update servers very quickly so they can not continue their activities.

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