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EFI/CompuTrace.A - need help removing

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Have I posted this to the correct forum? 

We are having quite the time removing EFI/CompuTrace.A from a laptop here in IT.  We updated the HP UEFI firmware, did all the steps here in the forum and it is still coming up as a problem.  Wondering if this is a false positive?  How can we be sure?

EFI CompuTrace.jpg

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1 hour ago, TStowy65 said:

Should we wipe this laptop?

That won't get ride of CompuTrace. HP has installed it in the BIOS/UEFI firmware. The only solution is to ask HP for a BIOS firmware update that doesn't contain CompuTrace. Good luck on that.

The recommended security advice is to disable CompuTrace in the HP BIOS. This can only be done if it hasn't been previously activated. Note that if CompuTrace is disabled, it can't be enabled and activated in the future.

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