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Had my first ever BSOD on this machine:(


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Hi, the only difference that has been made to the machine is that ESET Internet Security was installed a few days ago.

The BSOD happened when I rebooted the computer cause the Bluetooth adapter stopped working properly (the other issue that only started since ESET installed) and even though my controller was connecting to the PC, no app would see it.

When I rebooted, I went down for a few minutes before I touched my touch sensor to log me in, and when I came up, it had BSOD. In other words it happened at the initial windows login screen before I had logged in, whilst it was just sitting there.

I have no idea how to understand a BSOD cause.

I DID rar the file but it's still 500mb (memory dump), I uploaded it to my google drive if anyone can take a look at it?

Snipped: URL removed

I didn't want to put this in Eset support section cause it's quite possible that ESET has nothing to do with it, just as possible as it does. It really is the only different thing on my system hence the concern.

I also rebooted the system an hour later to test it, and left it at the login screen for half hour this time and no problems, whilst I mucked about with my phone LOL.

When the crash occurred I was only away from the computer for 5 minutes the first time, so the second test of half an hour was much longer.

PS Bluetooth and controller working fine for now after the second reboot

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The crash occurred in pci.sys. The dump doesn't point ESET to be the culprit.

There is a handful of Lenovo drivers as well as \RivetNetworks\Killer\KfeCo11X64.sys loaded.


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So since the BD went wonky, maybe it's something to do with the Intel BD and Wifi drivers (killer is Intel now).

Memory scan still running but so far so good.

I would hate it to be the kingston fury impact ram as this laptop is a nightmare to open, but I don't think it's that from what the tests are showing

PCI sys could be any driver really couldn't it?


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