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How Do I Know If Its Safe To Click On Search Results Links In Firefox?


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As said, how do I know if a link is safe?


I used to have AVG which had a tick next to search results and a safe/not safe graph. Nod32 doesn't seem to have anything similar

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No ESET products does not have such traffic light / link rating system for links in search results. 


And there are no plans to add such feature to the products for various reasons, problems with possible FP ratings is one of the reasons that actually can cause more work for the vendor and the site owner than the feature itself worth. 


Some posts about site/link rating/reputation systems...





But if you want to use one then you can do that, there are plenty of free add-ons available wich you can use in your browser that will do this.


For example WOT and McAfee siteadvisor will do this, if you don't mind false ratings once in a while. But there are many more than these two available :)




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I cherish ESET for not having something like this. Further, in order to rate search results the AV has to know whether they are safe or not and if it knows they are malicious, it will block access to them anyway. In addition to the database of known malicious websites the web-av part of ESET scans the contents of websites as well. So you are covered very well with ESET. Just a closing thought regarding site advisors, how do you know if a link is safe when you see it in a forum or an e-mail? Those site-advisors don't work there but the web-av protects you regardless.

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