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Error extracting files for installation, from ESET endpoint - eeau.x86_64.bin


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I´m trying to install ESET Endpoint 9, on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 7.9 but when I launch the commands for install the SW ( ./eeau.x86_64.bin -y- f ) it raises an error while extracting the files from the bin package as following:


tar: /dev/st0: Cannot open: No such file or directory

tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

Error: Nothing to do. Error during package installation, exiting

I already try to extract the file first prior the installation but it comes the same error. I tried to install it without the -y (license) -f (force package install) flags with the same result. I also check if the file is corrupted but the checksum fits perfectly with the original file. There is any dependencies that the bin needs to extract all the files that I´m missing?

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I solved by extracting rpm file from the bin on another machine and install the rpm directly on my vm.

Still don´t know why it was having that error on my vm.


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