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ESET Full Disk Encryption Recovery Passwords


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Hi I currently have a laptop encrypted with Full Disk Encryption pushed out by the ESET Protect Cloud portal but when I try to use a recovery password there is currently 3 passwords and workstation ID but there is only one laptop. 

Is there anyway to remove the two that doesn't go with this laptop?


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As far as I know, it is not possible to remove recovery passwords from the ESET Protect console.

I suspect the computer in question has been decrypted and re-encrypted several times. Each time you encrypt a computer (even if it's the same computer) a Workstation ID is generated. This is likely why you're seeing three recovery passwords, but each have different Workstation ID's.

When reseting a User's password in this manner, always match the index number and the Workstation ID with what the User see's on their computer in the recovery screen.

Kind regards,

Jay Pritchard

Encryption Technical Support Engineer III / Team Lead

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