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Ess7 - Parental Control

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Parental Control is great all blocked any porn or adult content on website.  I have tested is Perfect !!


BUT, but.... I tested the browers get a Google's image, type a "Porn" on search came the pictures still show.  


That ESS7 parental control did NOT blocked a image !!!  


How do I fix that it with ESS7 ???     Because my client who worked with a Adult Special Disablitiy,  She want protection away any porn & Adult content this website.   Since She found him caught a porn.  LOL





Michael Daniell

EAV, ESS, ERA, EMX, Expert Security

New Zealand



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We'd need to know the url on which the porn is available. Please PM it to Peter Randziak, a forum moderator, as I'm with poor network connectivity this week.

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Yes, you also may change the settings of the search engines, so they filter these results.


In case of Google you can change the SafeSearch settings and you can even lock it.

Please refer to Google(s help) if you have questions about this. We are only an ESET forum so we maybe won't be able to help you about services that not concern ESET.


If you still find inappropriate pictures, send these information to ESET and the search engine where you found it, so they can improve the detection.

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