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4 hours ago, Juan de Via said:

I Install siemens tia portal update software

Since you reference Siemens, I assume you are referring to some type of industrial control software? Software of this type should not be opening a browser to perform its updating.

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hello to those answer me

this industrial sofware is call "Tia Portal V17"

and , yes it is suposse to update with out openning a broser , when it those it automaticly , but also then

after a while it writes "no connection "

after I ask Simenes support they sak me to "excude" at the antivirus and also at the firewoll all the 

Siemens directorys

I don't really know how to do it 

can you help with this?

thank you



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Even uninstalling the antivirus would not make any difference. ESET does not block local communication on localhost by default.

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