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Confusion about mapped accounts


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Recently we started an initiative to implement a more restricted access to the console and I am struggling with the interface. I created the users in EBA and enabled them to have a custom permission set instead of the built-in Read/Write one. That's all good, however on the ESET Protect side it becomes a little confusing. When I map an account to the new permission set it becomes listed as a group along with the Read access and Write access which have other users inside: 



I know it says mapped accounts, but are these actually accounts or groups? I imagined a new group with the custom permission set will be created here and we will be able to add users to it.

Additionally, this works great for new users, however if I have an account which already has the Read/Write access, the option to change its permission set is greyed out. Does this mean that I have to delete the account from ESET Protect and re-add it again with the new permission set?

Thank you in advance!

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Since nobody was able to answer your question, please go through a regular support route and open a support ticket.

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