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ESET Protect upgrade failed due to SQL version

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Hi, I'm trying to upgrade our company's ESET Protect installation from 9.0 to 9.1 but the AiO Installer fails on SQL Server Express upgrade:



logs show a pretty clear message: image.png.5af26dd29af89eaddb6b416523088d28.png

AFAIK ESET installer should upgrade SQL to a version that is supported by the host OS but in this instance it doesn't. Host OS is Windows Server 2012. How Can I force the installer to upgrade the SQL to a supported version?

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I will answer myself, Installer does work now however it has a problem stopping main ESET Protect service during the install, in logs it shows:


a remedy for this problem was to manually stop ESET Protect service and THEN upgrade via the AiO Installer.

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