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ESET PROTECT 9.1.18 has been released

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Release Date: July 14, 2021

ESET PROTECT 9.1.18 has been released and is available to download.


Version 9.1.18

  • ADDED: Advanced Filters in the Computers section
  • ADDED: New product tour
  • ADDED: List of outdated components
  • ADDED: Support for third-party 2FA
  • ADDED: Native ARM64 support for ESET Management Agent for macOS
  • ADDED: "Waiting" state in the Component version status section on Status Overview for better communication of auto-updates (available from Windows Endpoint version 9.1)
  • ADDED: Site structure from ESET Business Account synchronizes in the static group tree
  • ADDED: New rebooting option—administrator can set up reboots in a way that the end-users can postpone them (available from Windows Endpoint version 9.1)
  • ADDED: MDM web control (We are now bringing web control over from Cloud MDM to on-premises MDM)
  • ADDED: Support for deployment of the latest version in the software installation task (the latest version at the moment of task execution, it is not necessary to select a specific version anymore)
  • ADDED: Ability to create an installer with a full set of modules (Windows Endpoint 9.1 package only contains essential modules, and others are downloaded later)
  • ADDED: All Audit Log events forwarded to Syslog
  • ADDED: ESET Product Navigator to the header
  • ADDED: New context menu action "Deploy security product" (in Computers section)
  • ADDED: Creation Time and Modification Time columns in the Installers section
  • ADDED: Reset functionality for columns in tables
  • ADDED: Warning to Audit log access right
  • ADDED: Ability to select multiple monitored static groups in a single notification
  • ADDED: OS version collected from macOS and Windows is displayed in human-readable form in the OS Service Pack column in the Computers section
  • ADDED: Agents tile in the Status Overview section for better identification of unmanaged computers
  • ADDED: Possibility to add Group Name column in the Detections section (not displayed by default)
  • ADDED: New buttons under the table in the Computers section and Detection section
  • ADDED: Right-click tables to open the context menu
  • ADDED: Built-in policies for V7 product for macOS and HTTP proxy
  • ADDED: Hide and Show action for ESET LiveGuard Dashboard
  • IMPROVED: Installer creation Wizard
  • IMPROVED: Reboot and shut down experience on macOS (user is notified about restart and can cancel it in 60 seconds)
  • IMPROVED: Console users receive a notification about multiple detections occurring on managed computers aggregated in one email message
  • IMPROVED: The latest versions of each product are prioritized in the product selection section of the software installation task
  • IMPROVED: Context menu in Computers section
  • IMPROVED: ESET LiveGuard status (enabled/disabled) is reported properly to the console (requires Endpoint version 9.1 and above) and leveraged in various sections (for example, action Enable is not offered for endpoint where the feature is already enabled)
  • IMPROVED: Tasks planned ASAP are executed in the order in which they were created in the console
  • IMPROVED: Every ASAP trigger created by the user in the console must have an expiration set (less than six months)
  • IMPROVED: HIPS detections now contain user and hash
  • IMPROVED: UI elements in tables
  • IMPROVED: New version of AVRemover and LogCollector in the Management Agent
  • IMPROVED: Computer name and IP is now in separate columns in the Detection section
  • IMPROVED: Computer with IP column was divided into two columns in Submitted Files
  • IMPROVED: Computer description can be multiline
  • IMPROVED: User can define more than one naming pattern for VDI master image
  • CHANGED: ESET Dynamic Threat Defense to ESET LiveGuard in management consoles
  • CHANGED: ESET Enterprise Inspector to ESET Inspect in management consoles
  • CHANGED: Default message contents (Computer first connected, Computer identity recovered, Computer cloning question created)
  • CHANGED: Remove tags icon in the Tags panel
  • FIXED: Several Functionality problems are missing in the selection while creating a dynamic group template
  • FIXED: Scheduled client tasks without pre-selected "Invoke ASAP If Event Missed" may be executed with the wrong timing if the computer woke up from sleep or hibernation
  • FIXED: Tags assigned to a "Client Task" are automatically assigned also to computers where the task has been executed or assigned
  • FIXED: Unavailable EDR element in the Component version status section on the Status Overview Dashboard
  • FIXED: Trigger for scheduled Reports cannot be edited
  • FIXED: Exclusions table shows the "Occurred" column, but it is labeled as "Created on"
  • FIXED: Trigger via CRON shows different time after opening details of a specific trigger
  • FIXED: "Export table as" now exports all data, not just data on the page
  • FIXED: Last scan time in computer details
  • FIXED: When "Module update failed" occurs, the computer is not moved to the related Dynamic Group, if the Dynamic Group was created
  • FIXED: Policies under "Manage policies" over a group do not display for users with an administrator permission set
  • FIXED: "Restart required" and "Inbound Communication" columns in the Detections list display incorrect values
  • FIXED: Unable to log in to ESET PROTECT via SSO from ESET Inspect
  • FIXED: MSP Customer Setup fails if a user has no access to user management but does not request user creation
  • FIXED: Static group synchronization via LDAPS prefers the LDAP port
  • FIXED: Multiple sorting does not work as expected when the top priority is assigned to the Alerts column
  • FIXED: The overall status of the license might not be shown correctly in specific cases
  • REMOVED: "Auto-loading" option in the Clients and Detections screen paging menu.
  • REMOVED: Flags in the language selector on the login screen
  • Various other minor improvements and bug fixes

Upgrade to Latest Version

Upgrade my ESMC server to the latest version

How to determine the version of components belonging to the package

Support Resources

ESET provides support in the form of Online Help (user guides), fully localized application and Online Help, online Knowledgebase, and applicable to your region, chat, email or phone support.

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