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ESET Business Account device / seat name not updating

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I'm having trouble with device/seat names between our ESET Business Account and ESET PROTECT Cloud. We have a lot of staff shuffling going on right now and computers being turned over which necessitates renaming the PCs. When I send out the installation package, the computers are showing up under the correct new PC names in the ESET Protect Cloud groups list. However, in the ESET Business Account activated devices list, the Device / Seat Name is defaulting to the old user PC device names. While I can change the seat name to the new user, I can't find a way to update the device name. Are we locked to old device names? Is there someway to auto update the device names? If not, is there a way to manually do it?

ESET Endpoint Security for Windows 9.1.2051.0


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