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Automatic update delay

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It's stated in the online help that automatic updates are delayed for stability reasons. What is  the typical delay ? It's annoying that the product displays warning in the mean time.

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Bump 2 - is there a way to get an actual answer on this forum ?

I have just updated the console to 9.1, and now when I hover over the component state version, there is a blue line stating that the number of computer waiting to be updated is 0. 

Tired of waiting, I have launched manual update.

Failing still to see the point of so called 'automatic updates'.

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Reading this forum I have stumbled on the answer:

So basically it does not work.


So the delay can be 1 or 2 months.

2 months while ominous warnings are reported in the dashboard.

Why a warning if it's normal that product is not updated ?

How can product managers not realize that supervision products that are drowning users in warning are not much better than no supervision ?

Closing this.



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