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[Exchange 2016] ESET IP address blacklist and reverse proxy

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Servus Community,

since we have repeatedly found indications in the log files of the Exchange server that attempts are being made to exploit security vulnerabilities which are then neither found by the IDS on the firewall nor detected by ESET, we are considering placing a reverse proxy in front of our Exchanger server. But one of us has the argument that we could possibly bypass the IP address filter of ESET's mail security on our Exchange servers.

With proxy servers it is partly possible to set that the original sender IP address is sent along with the HTTP header. At least this was the case with a Squid proxy we used in the past. The question now is whether ESET is also able to analyze the HTTP header in this regard and interpret it correctly?

If not, this would be a knock out criterion for a proxy server, because the IP addresses blocked by ESET are already many. Even if it is not really clear what this IP address is trying to do, something will be on the one hand and on the other hand it is most likely not a false positive detection.

Thx & Bye Tom

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