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ESET Overused Message

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Today my licenses were automatically renewed. Along with the renewal notice I received a noticed that I had ESET installed on more computers than I have licenses. I have 4 licenses and 4 computers so I don't know how ESET came up with this so I went to the "HOME Portal". When I looked at the devices list I found a real mess. At the top and indicated as "Protected" was my newest laptop which I had not used in several days. Below that was a series of "DEVICES SUGGESTED FOR CONNECTION". My old laptop appeared there three times under various spellings of its name none of which were accurate. My primary desktop appeared twice, again under various spellings none of which were accurate. My other desktop appeared there with the proper spelling. I see no way of deleting these erroneous entries in this list. How can I clean up this mess?


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I was able to add my second desktop to the list and eventually my primary desktop, which I am now using, to the list. The problem is that I have some special characters in the computer names which ESET does not allow. If the computer name does not correspond to the name on ESET's device list, how can it keep things in sync?


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