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Can ESET Detected Ransomware STOP/DJVU bbii ?

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I read information from my friend and some news, many are affected by this type of ransomware, can ESET detect attacks from this ransomware? 

and is there any data signature update version information for this attack detection and prevention

I am used ESET Endpoint Security, version 9.0.2046.0
last update 6/28/2022 11.42.29 AM
Windows 10 20H2 64 Bit

I'm afraid that ESET can't detect and prevent it yet

thank you.


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ESET detects Filecoder.STOP. However, no vendor will ever guarantee 100% detection.

I'd recommend reviewing shares since especially Filecoder.STOP is known to encrypt files in remote shares, e.g. from a machine without ESET or another AV, or a machine that was compromised and an attacker was able to log in to the system.

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I know it doesn't guarantee 100% detect this attack
but at least if it has been detected, then if it is attacked the possibility of an outbreak will be reduced to infect another device

thank you for information @Marcos

maybe i can check to another aspect to prevent this attack.

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