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why is the virtual appliance rebooting ?

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Virtual appliance Linux 9.0.2144

This morning I was experimenting with the WEB UI (I just upgraded it a few days ago) and suddenly I lost connexion. I got back a few minutes later and logging through SSH I found out that the appliance had rebooted. As I had not asked for an update of anything this morning, I can't explain why the appliance restarted. I have searched the logs (/var/log/messages, era server trace) and I have not found any explanation, just that the era server was stopping, and that systemd got a SIGINT signal.

Is there a place where reboots are configured or logged more precisely ? I searched also cron jobs, systemd timers and found nothing. I even browsed a few tables in the Mysql database without lucking on something interesting.

I'd quite like for restarts to not happen during business hours.


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If the server keeps rebooting, please open a support ticket for further troubleshooting and investigation.

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