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Remote Administrator Web Console Firewall

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I've really enjoyed having a web console for Eset Remote Administrator. However, I'm having issues figuring out how to make the webconsole available anywhere by my server. Below is what I've tried on the Windows Firewall:

  • Allowing tomcat7.exe
  • Allowing tomcat7w.exe
  • Allowing port 80
  • Allowing port 443

I'm attempting to go to https://ip.address.of.server


None of these are the complete picture. The Tomcat7.exe and tomcat7w.exe seems to have helped (I at least get a warning dialog about the self-signed SSL cert), but I get no actual content on the webpage.


I'm running the ERA Server on a Windows 2008 R2 server





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If you disable the firewall are you able to access the ERA server as expected?


When I enabled the firewall on my test 2008R2 server with ERA along with firewall logging enabled I was able to see ports 443 and 2222 get blocked, I created a simple port rule to allow 2222 and 443.


I was then able to access the console as expected without any issues appearing.


Checking the firewall log I could see the port 443 was accessing c:\program files (x86)\apache software foundation\tomcat 70\bin\tomcat7.exe

and port 2222 was accessing c:\program files\eset\remoteadministrator\server\service.exe


Also remember that the link should https://ip.address.of.server/era  (not putting /era will result in a blank page as you are getting)



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