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Correct configuration for using the proxy with caching?

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I just installed the newest ESET PROTECT on one of our Windows server and also installed the included Apache proxy server. If I open the url via a browser I see that it works. I want that all internal clients get their updates from the ESET server and all clients outside the network should get them directly from the public ESET servers. 

In the policies I set known network zones with conditions (so ESET should be able to see if it is an internal network or not). I also set an update profile for INTERNAL and EXTERNAL use. In the internal update profile I disabled the proxy, so it connects only using port 2222. In the external update profile I set the IP and port of the proxy. Both update profiles are set in the known networks.

Not all of our clients don't have any internet connection, so a central update repository is needed. The internal ESET server has internet access!


+ How can I check if the proxy cache is working fine?

+ What do I have to set in the policies that all internal clients get their updates from the proxy cache and external get them from public servers?

+ Where do I see if the updates come from ESET or from the internal ESET server?

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Forgot something, I also set a proxy server in our DMZ that should only forward the agents data to the ESET server. That works pretty fine, the agent send information to the proxy in the DMZ and that forwards that information using port 2222. 

I don't want that updates will be loaded using that DMZ proxy from outside

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