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Partner Or Reseller In Iran


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Do you have any official partner or reseller in IRAN ?
Because few companies in Iran claim that your partner or resseller . But no place in your site has not been referred

thank , I am Waiting for your reply .

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As you know in about two month ago ESET add IRAN to his country list and ESET ME is servicing IRAN region.


Also official sales network for NOD32 is now working in Iran.


right now at this date we have original NOD32 retail BOX for IRAN that you can order them online via :


www.KAMIRAN.Asia  or other ESET partner in the region.


These box are registered in hxxp://www.eset.com/me/activate/ and you can choose your country correctly with out any worries,


These license start with RN ( Iran ) and is specially for NOD32 for IRAN. example : RNA2-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX


Some users ask us that why ESET did not use IR for iran licenses . As moderators know letter i will not use in ESET Serial any more. ( Because users may have mistake and read it as l )


You must know that at our region you may see many Fake boxes that registered in Fake Website and they are selling preregistered licenses. So KAMIRAN.Asia help you to detect the original box of ESET ME via this link in your local language :



But the most important thing about original box is register site that must be hxxp://www.eset.com/me/activate/ and not a fake one like : hxxp://  myeset.me/register/  !!!


You must be very care full !



If i am wrong moderators help us . 

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See Aryeh's reply in this thread: https://forum.eset.com/topic/2248-request-reseller-in-iran/


"As I understand it, the March 12, 2014 updates to the US OFAC embargo against Iran"


But ESET is not an American software company, how is it affected by this embargo?


ESET is a European publisher, is what Europe applies the same rules?


I can understand Mr Goretsky response as a US citizen, I have more trouble as a "representative" of a European editor.

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Hi ,

thank's metaller



:lol:   kamiran.asia


You're a regular member and Can not comment about this issue .
Unless a member of the ESET or the company officially announced .

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Dear niessoh,


Our company is an Autorized ESET Online partner in IRAN,


Please check the Partner list and you can buy geniune licesnes from them :




I think this announcement will be enough for you to enjoy ESET services in our country.  :) 

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