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Alerts for things ive manually setup (How to Remove)


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Hi I have created a policy for one of our users (a developer) who wanted the HTTP & HTTPS Scanners disabled.



The problem is with this policy assigned to his computer it then has 2 permanent Alerts even though its a result of my manual action.


Is there a way to disable these two scanners without creating the permanent alerts.



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You can disable application statuses in the Notifications setup. However, doing so will expose the computer at risk since Web access protection is very strong at stopping new malware which may otherwise slip through undetected.

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I just want to hide/disable these 2 specific messagase for this specific computer from showing up in the Management Console

In my mind a permanently red alert is less useful than no alert as it is masking any other potential issues from being obvious straight away.

Im working towards a console with no Alerts showing so that i can more easily spot when there is a real issue.

I want to be able to check my dashboard and instantly see if theres anything to investigate.   So his computer being red permanently is of no use.


He works with SSL certs etc on a regular basis and ESETS handling of SSL stuff gets in his way.

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As I wrote, you can disable particular application statuses in the advanced setup. You can choose if a particular status will be reported on the client or if it will reported in the console or not reported at all:


However, I'd strongly recommend keeping Web access protection and Antiphishing enabled. If SSL filtering is causing some issues, you can create SSL exclusions based on:
1, IP addresses
2, Applications
3, Certificates.

This way the machine would stay protected from Internet-borne threats and at the same time the exclusions would resolve the issue.

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