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Best Practice of ESET Mail Security on MS Exchange Server

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Hi, what is the best practice in terms of rules/policy when installing ESET Mail Security on MS Exchange Server? Is it practical to use the Built in policy in my ESET Protect:  ESET Dynamic Threat Defense - Enable or ESET Dynamic Threat Defense - Submit scripts and executables  - Recommended? Will be installing on an Exchange server the first time. If I don't apply any policy after installing ESET Mail Security, will I have any issues? Or is it required to apply a policy?

Also would it matter if I deploy/install the ESET Mail Security via ESET Protect or install the installer .msi?

Also would be best to upgrade my ESET Protect from ver 8.0 to ver 9.0 first before I deploy, install ESET Mail Security with the latest ver 9.0 as well? 

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As for ESET LiveGuard advanced (formerly known as ESET Dynamic Threat Defense), we strongly recommend enabling it providing it's included in your license (e..g if you purchased ESET PROTECT Complete).

Also you can consider blocking certain types of files that may carry malware and that you don't normally receive in emails, such as js files, documents with active content, etc.

Make sure that the LiveGrid reputation and feedback systems are enabled.

Make sure that password protection as well as detection of potentially unsafe applications are enabled to prevent tampering with the AV by unauthorized persons.

Use aggressive detection to increase the chances of detecting new borne malware while still keeping the number of possible false positives reasonably low.

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