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Report for one group not all groups

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I may be missing something obvious.

I have a new client who wants a weekly status report of their computer / ESET.  It is most like in ESET Protect Cloud when you are under Computers and Groups and your click on the gearbox by a group click on Reports and then select 'Scans in the last 30 days'. However they only want the last 7.

I can go to Reports, Schedule Reports and Schedule Detection Events in the last 7 days. However it gives me all groups. I only need the one for a client that wants the report. 

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Forgive me, I am not seeing where that filter is. On the left I click on "Reports". In the main window I have "Categories and Templates" or "Scheduled Reports" at the top to choose from. I select "Scheduled Reports" then at the bottom "Schedule Report" and inside that I am not seeing the choice you are showing.  

I did try to add an "Access Group" of only that customer, however the report still gave me everyone.

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  • ESET Staff

Simply said, you should do the following: 

  1. choose a report you want to execute
  2. Duplicate the report template, with the "customer name" in it
  3. Apply the filter per Marcos suggestion 

For the future, we are planning to improve the reporting system, that you will be able to choose a particular customer (in case of MSP setup) during report generation. Like, do this report for this customer. You will not have to edit report template, and duplicate it for each customer, which is a case as of now. You can use "tags" to make your life simpler, and use "tag search" to them filter out templates per particular customer. 

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