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Infected with FinSpy Malware - any fix ?

Guest JimTaylorMobileRepair

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Guest JimTaylorMobileRepair

What's the best way to completely remove a FinSpy Malware infection that doesn't go away even if you reinstall windows? It wipes USB drives that you try to boot off of and in WinRE advanced startup environment it has created new UEFI partitions and even with a clean install it keeps coming back. Is there some way to completely flash clean firmware onto the board and securely overwrite the EFI partitions to start fresh without it coming back ? 

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First off, please create an account on the forum. The Quick Questions section is not meant to handle complex topics such as malware removal.

Once you have done so, please post your question in the Malware Removal section of the forum, along with appropriate information about the affected system(s), including which of ESET's programs you are using, its version, and the log files showing where the malware was detected on the system and by what name.


Aryeh Goretsky

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