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Eset Sysrescue Live - Small Feedback

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Here a small feedback for the on-demand-scanning tool ESET SysRescue Live.


  1. Bugs:
    1. The notifications have a black background. I think this is a bug, but if this is really by design then I would suggest you to change this. (It looks quite silly...)
    2. I saw that the icons have a different quality:
    3. If you have a screen with an aspect radio 16:9 then it is all stretched, because the source aspect radio is 4:3. That is not such bad, but the real bad thing is that there is no setting to change the format. I wasn't able to find it anywhere!
    4. And sometimes there were many drives called "loopN" where N is a number.
      I also prepared some more screenshots. If a moderator wants to have a look at them then I will send him a PM.
  2. If ESET SysRescue Live is started from a USB drive, why not save the configuration? Currently you have to reconfigure it at every start.
  3. And why is there still a input for the license data (username & password) if ESET SysRescue Live doesn't need a license anyway?
  4. Very useful would be more languages and the possibility to switch the keyboard layout. (maybe let the user select this both at the start of ESET SysRescue)
  5. On the product page stand many Windows platform are supported and the kb article says that Windows Vista x64 and Windows 8/8.1 isn't supported yet. Because of this I want to ask whether host-Linux systems and MacOS are supported (for cleaning the threats).
  6. And I want to ask whether the new file system ReFS is supported? It is already supported from Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8, so if it isn't supported from ESET SysRescue Live then it may be useful to add this support.
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  • ESET Moderators

Hello rugk,


we are planning a service release, which should fix most of the issues reported, but it will take time some to test it and release.

Also more languages will be covered so stay tuned.


When it comes to OS support it was always a tool for MS Windows and currently we do not plan to cover more systems.

Regarding the ReFS it is a file system used only on new Windows server and there probably won't be much users using it.


Thank you for your feedback.



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Thanks for your reply.

I'm glad to hear that there will be a new service release.


About the OS support. AFAIK you only have to add the support for the accordant file systems. For MacOS this may be a bit difficult, but at least for Linux it shouldn't be a problem, because ESET SysRescue Live is Linux-based and so the support should (and as I highly assume: is) already included.

And about the detection it could already be possible, because in the VSD updates are already included the detection of threats from all platforms (MacOS, Linux, ...).


Regarding the ReFS it is a file system used only on new Windows server and there probably won't be much users using it.

Yes this may be right, but I think this could change in the future. Before the release of Windows 8 (which already can handle ReFS) there were already a rumor that ReFS could be the default file system (instead of NTFS). It wasn't confirmed, but who knows how this may change with the new Windows version (Windows 10).

And I think it's good to add it earlier instead of adding it too late.

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