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.tuugovf Format


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my some jpg, pdf, and ... files format converted to the .tuugovf format by adding this format to the end of the file by itself e.g nature.jpg converted to nature.jpg.tuugovf. and when i remove that the file dont open. whats the matter?

Please help me.

i dont khow whether i choose a relative section or not. sorry for that.

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Additionally to Marcos post, here some more information.


Like you describe it looks like you have a ransomware. This is basically a software which encrypts your files, so you cannot access them anymore and in nearly every case it says that you're files would be decrypted if you pay money.

But, don't pay any money! You have no guarantee that your files are accessible after this!


More information about such ransomware you can find here:


You should run an in-depth scan and search on ESET.com for a decrypter. (it depends on what ransomware you had on your computer)

If you cannot access your computer anymore or if you had problems removing the threat use ESET SysRescue Live.


Please keep us up-to-date and post your results in this topic.

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