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Apple Certificate - MDM

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Hello Forum,

I have a question about Apple Certyficate. I have Click everything according to https://support.eset.com/en/kb5771-eset-mobile-device-management-for-apple-ios-63-and-64#MDMSignedAPNCert and I have information on my iPhone that certyficate is not signed. It is correct?

I have put a picture in attachment.


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Im trying to solve this topic so I click to install on the top-right corner and I have an information that is something wrong with certificats. I have saw also problem when I have configurating a new Policy for Apple MDM devices, that webConsole of MDM is turning off. I need to restart virtual machine with is server for MDM.

So far I have a few questions:

1. When I create a new mobile device I have "mdm.local" automatic detection of name of host for the MDM. But this is local. I have a internet forwarding setup that show MDM Webconsole into the World on "https://mdm.world:9980/mdm" address. So my first question is: does I need to create a new Certificate useing full address-name ("https://mdm.world:9980/mdm") or can I keep it for "mdm.local" ?

2. Secong question is about the device I have to point when I create a New Policy for APN Certificate - do I have to select mobile device with iOS or the machine where I have MDM installed? In KB6368 I read that I need to put in there a MDM machine? This is correct?

3. Third question is for setting in New Policy - Do I need to add a Server IP Address in this case (translate from https://mdm.world:9980/mdm ?) or doing here nothing?

And the last question is for Proxy. If I have configurated Proxy in my Eset Protect WebConsole (on-p) does I need also configurate this in setting for New Policy or leave it disable ?

Let me know, where I have doing wrong on this. On the Internet there are only two KB's for it: KB6368 and KB5771 but there are old and have old version of WebConsole... Maybe there is something new for configuration this subject?

Let me know

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