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POP3 email scanner blocks Thunderbird

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Guest Omwat

ESET Protect 9.0.2144.0 + Endpoint 9.0.2046.0

I have problem with Email POP3 filter. It tries to delete message while downloading it from server to Thunderbird. It falls into some kind of loop. I have information in ESET Protect panel that problem was resolved but the email still exists on server and after 2-3 minutes while Thunderbird tries to download messages it shows again. So Thunderbird does not download any emails because this infected one blocks queue.

It happened 3 times on 4 PCs in the last few days.
Solution is to delete that message manually from mailserver.

Name of detection: NSIS/Injector.AWM, Trojan


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Firstly, this Quick questions forum is not intended for reporting issues:

4, Ask only simple questions. If you want to report an issue, inquire about your license, etc., create a forum account first. This forum is not intended for lengthy discussions.

I would recommend opening a support ticket since more information about the POP3 as well as logs from both the server and the client may be needed for troubleshooting the issue.

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