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Web access protection: "The URL address is too broad"

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Since last SSP release I was having empty filtered websites logs, so I noticed that with my filtered websites list I can't set logging severity to "information".

I see that the question was also made in the products for windows servers subforum, I would like to ask you if it's possible to add the functionality back to the home users products, since it has become less immediate to know if the filtering was made by ESET, the browser settings or the browser addons.

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You can set Diagnostic severity for the url list and logging verbosity:


However, it may generate big logs if a lot of urls are blocked.

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Usually I manually clean the logs every day, so it's not a issue. That solution someway can be useful, allowed url's are logged too so I can use that setting when I try new software, but for broken websites debug now it's easier to rely on browser console (although not so immediate).

Thank you.



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