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Guest BethW

Previously, when I checked into my bank account, eSet would redirect to a secure page and would sign my into my account from there. The other day that stopped working. Eset will now not let me sign into my account on this registered device. I did not do anything different; this was a spontaneous glitch. When I try to sign into my bank account, an eSet page appears with all these complex instructions. It tells me to go to the eSet home page, go to set up, and go to security tools. When I go to the eset home page, there is no item that says "set up" or anything similar. There is no access to "security tools" that I can find. I am finding this highly frustrating. I find that eSet is NOT at all user friendly, and I will never buy it again. In the meantime, I need to get some advice on how to make eSet work correctly again. Thanks.

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Please sign up first and re-post in the appropriate product forum. Provide a screenshot of the message as well as:
1, the Internet banking url
2, the browser and version you use
3, logs collected with ESET Log Collector.

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