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ESET Management Agent (RHEL 9.x, OpenSSL 3.0.x)

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Although I realize that RHEL 9.x is not yet supported, I did attempt to install the ESET Management Agent on system running RHEL 9.0, but it failed with the following messages posted to the "EraAgentInstaller.log" file:

Information: Checking certificate ended with error 'An error occurred during OpenSSL initialization, reason: required library function
 not found, error: 0x00001B68.'.
Information: CheckCertificate: Return code: 0
Information: Installer: 1115: Error checking peer certificate: NOT_VALID_PFX

I believe this issue is because RHEL 9.x ships with OpenSSL 3.0.1 and does not include the OpenSSL 1.1.1 libraries that ESET requires.  I believe this same issue is impacting folks that are attempting to make use of the latest version of Ubuntu (22.04).

My question is simply this... does anyone have any idea when ESET will support OpenSSL 3.0?   Better yet, when can Red Hat users expect the ESET Management Agent to be supported on RHEL 9?

I am just trying to plan some future system builds.   How long does is usually take after a OS is released (e.g. Red Hat, Ubuntu) before it is officially supported by ESET?

Many thanks.

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Thanks, Marcos.

What about Red Hat Enterprise Linux?  Will the new release of RHEL 9.x be supported in 22Q4 as well or has that yet to be determined?

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Tried on AlmaLinux 9 (1:1 copy RedHat EL 9)  and it is same: 

  • Agent installation fails  with "Error checking peer certificate: NOT_VALID_PFX"  too
  • Eset Antivirus (EEA 9.0.5) - can be installed (el8 rpm) on EL9    but eea.service dies with crashdumps

There is compat-openssl11 package on EL9 linux, but instalation of this package does not help in this case. 


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Thanks. mipu:

I did find the "compat-openssl11" package within the AppStream repository for RHEL 9 and was able to complete the build, but when I try to start the "eraagent" service, it still complains about the library:

Service run-time failed with: An error occurred during OpenSSL initialization, reason: required library function not found, error: 0x00001B68

I have also seen some core dumps of the "efs" service.

Although not officially supported, I was hoping the ESET software would work with RHEL 9, but it appears there are issues that need to be sorted out.   I will have to make use of RHEL 8 or maybe switch to Debian 11, both of which are among the list of supported operating systems.

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Support for RHEL v9 is not currently planned, however, it may change depending on the requests from users and distributors.

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