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Can you switch the laptop you have the program on?


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I was just curious...I had to get a new computer (someone spilled alcohol on my other one), and I need to add my ESET product to this computer. Do I need to get a whole new license, or is there some way I can just switch it onto this computer?

Thanks in advance!!

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You first need to create an Eset Home account. Refer to this to do so: https://help.eset.com/home_eset/en-US/new_account.html .

Once you create the Eset Home account, you can log in to it and remove your existing license associated with the damaged PC. Refer to this one how to do so: https://help.eset.com/home_eset/en-US/new_account.html?remove_device.html .

Now you can install Eset on your new PC by entering your license key at installation time.

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