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All tasks fail from CentOS ESET Protect server to Windows clients

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Hi everybody,

All tasks submitted from the server to the clients fail.

I have an existing Windows Server with ESMC installed and it works fine. I can submit tasks and activate clients.

I have installed ESET Protect on CentOS by downloading the VM. It has installed fine and I can connect the clients to the management console. However any tasks that I submit IE: Activation I keep getting errors. Specifically I am receiving ECP20032 error on the client when activating the clients from the CentOS server. However when connecting the client to the Windows server it activates fine. 

I have been searching the internet for 2 days and tried many different troubleshooting scenarios but I cannot seem to figure out why. 

Could it be that we are only allowed 1 ESET server per volume license? 

Cannot find anything useful in /var/log/eset and the management console states "fail" with no other useful information.

I would really appreciate any pointers in the right direction.


Thank you,



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Activation is performed by the client, not by the ESET PROTECT server so it should not matter if you activate a product manually or via an activation task.

Error 20032 means a bad HTTP gateway. Please open a support ticket for further troubleshooting. Does the endpoint connect through a proxy server to the Internet?

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Hi Marcos,

Thanks for your reply. It appears the problem was linked to the proxy setting in ESET. Initially I set the proxy via server policy under the UPDATE menu. After setting the proxy under the TOOLS menu it seems to work fine now.

After running Wireshark I picked up an error regarding the proxy which pointed me in the right direction.

Thank you

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