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ESET Cloud Office Security vs ECP

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There are some policies in the ECP (Office365 Portal) that are configurable and ESET Cloud Office Security have have another policies. Some of these options in policies seem like the same. How do i know what are the rules that are valid and the ones that are bypassed?

Thanks in advance.

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  • ESET Staff

Hi and thank you for posting your question.

You are correct, there are some policies that may overlap. Office 365 protection cannot be completely disabled, so you are always partially dependent on the setup in the Office 365 admin panel.

In regards to knowing what policy is applied, think of it in two stages - Firstly, the O365 policy is applied and ECOS comes in after. For instance, if the O365 policy is set up to delete spam right away, ECOS will not even see this email and it can´t therefore even apply any policy and perform specified action. On the other hand, if O365 is set up to let everything pass through, then ECOS will apply policies to emails it receives. Because of Office 365´s design, ECOS acts as a second layer of defense.

I hope this answers your question :)


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