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Remote Deployment tool error at the deploying

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hello guys,

i have problem with the remote deployment tool.

My environment consists a app-server and rdp-server. I installed the Eset Protect entry webconsole on the app server and wanted to deploy the agent to the rdp server.

It takes tooooo long time and at last i get this error: Deployment failed: Servvice instance did not stop in time. Its current state is 0x4.

Do you guys have an idea? I alredy goolgle the error but the possible problems i checked out.


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Hello again, thanks for the answer, but i already look after your suggestions. Today i got new problems. I dont use the deployment tool but i use the task by eset protect. Now i saw i can deploy the Management Agent to a "few" Server and not whole. I already look after the errorcode and App-Locker but stil nothing interesting things there to help me further.

I will look after a solution.

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