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Mail Security Transport Problem with "Recipient validation"

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when adding a transport rule for "Recipient validation result" > is "Contains invalid recipient" > move to quarantine.

It sometimes happens that normal Mails which should go to an external receiver are getting quarantined.

For example user gets mail from @gmx.de and answers it back with "ok thanks" or something... then this mail never gets routed to our smtp gateway as i can see in the exchange logs. its just getting directly marked as failed and moved to quarantine by this eset rule. is this a problem with eset or maybe with something internal in our exchange 2019?. or is this rule not for production usage? thanks :)


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Further troubleshooting and logs will be needed. I'd recommend opening a support ticket and providing:
1, Logs collected with ESET Log Collector after enabling diagnostic logging in ESET and receiving an email that hits the rule
2, The quarantined email itself.

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