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ESET EAV for macOS 7.0.7300.0 - Web and email protection is not configured

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We updated all macOS computers from v.6 to v.7 of EAV and have several issues:

1. Sometimes old version not removing and 6+7 versions are installed. Task from ESET Protect with removing of AV, do correct removing of v.7, but not removing v.6. In most cases manual remove of v.6 helped. In 1 case it was error: cannot stop ESET service. It appeared on ~10 computers from 200+ updated. Not a big issue, but it is exists.

2. Upgrading v.6 to v.7 consumes 2 license per-user. And it is visible only in EBA, not in ESET Protect. We run out of licenses because of it and manual remove on EBA helped. We had neve same behavior with Windows clients since 6>7>8>9 upgrades... Is it known issue?

3. We are using JAMF on most macOS computers, but on some there is no JAMF and managed by users. If computer has no JAMF user should give rights manually. And most users give all rights, except "Full disk access". I see most manual managed computers with single error: "The ESET security product doesn't have Full Disk Access". Is it possible to make notification about disk access more "annoying"? Just a suggestion.

4. Most pain for us: if JAMF installed on computer, all needed rights to ESET given automatically by profile. But. In most cases after first install of ESET v.7 it is in state "Web and email protection is not configured". In this state component "Web and email protection" starting using CPU and RAM with 100%. Some users sending screenshots, that it is take 40GB of RAM. Fans are working on 100% and battery drained in couple of hours om MacBooks. Removing of ESET by task from ESET Protect, then re-install fixing this issue: computer is in green state, no errors, low CPU and RAM usage. It happened on 100+ computers, so I hope it is a known issue. Can you confirm it? And is any workarounds to prevent it?

5. There are many software, that checks compliance using owasp hipaa. For example, Palo Alto VPN and HIP profile in it. And owasp hipaa doesn't know anything about ESET v.7, it returning that no antivirus found. Can you please contact them to provide information about new version, if it is possible?

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Please open a support ticket with your local ESET distributor. I, for one, have not heard about the issues you've mentioned yet.

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15 minutes ago, Marcos said:

Please open a support ticket with your local ESET distributor. I, for one, have not heard about the issues you've mentioned yet.

I think it is easier to contact with responsible employees inside of ESET than I will open a case and will answering for million questions of S1L\S2L-supports before get contact of S3Ls\developers\QA. I don't have time for this, sorry. I already migrated hundreds of users and found workarounds for most of issues.

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