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Please re think your recent Linux policies

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As someone who is a home user and a business user, the fact that buying an Eset license had me covered everywhere was a real big deal.
It was also very easy to convince someone to go ahead with it. Infact i wish your linux server offering did even more things, such as exploit protection and web application firewalling. (This would be really usefull)

You make hands down the most configurable security solution, for example you are the only AV i could even find that has a decently configurable Firewall.

If Microsoft keeps pushing the requirement for a Microsoft account in 22h2 id guess there would be a lot of new Linux users.
Plus its catching on, the userbase is growing, Valve is investing tons of resources into Linux gaming.

I know you might not see a big enough number of installs, but don't neglect to take into account all of us who bought it just incase we might need it. Its a great selling point.

Kind regards

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