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ESET Smart Security Putting Emails in Drafts In Outlook 365 When Responding To Emails

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Latest version of ESET Smart Security 2022 is installed on workstations and up to date.

Outlook 365 is the mail client on all workstations.

Email host is Google Workspace for small business.

All users are experiencing the same issue since installing ESET Smart Security.

When you respond to an email that someone sent you and click send, the email does get sent out and delivered to the recipient, but a copy of the email is created and put in the drafts folder.

The issue is resolved if I open ESET Smart Security and configure the email scanner so that it does NOT scan outgoing emails.

The company is highly regulated by New York State however and is required to scan outgoing emails for viruses and malware.

Is there a resolution for this where I can enable outbound scanning and not have the messages get put into the draft box?

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The issue will be most likely resolved by a new Outlook plug-in as of v15.2 for consumer products and Endpoint v9.1 for business endpoint products. If there are 5 or more users in a company, we recommend using ESET Endpoint instead of consumer products (EAV/EIS/ESSP).

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i've also set the AV to scan both incoming and outgoing email. i've never seen any email placed to a folder it didn't belong.

could it be that the Outlook client is misconfigured and a rule is created or an option is enabled to place outgoing copies to a wrong folder?

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