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Connections View And Listening Connections

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In the Connections view there's an option to show Listening connections within the computer, but at a glance, you cannot distinguish them, so, can you add a (listening) on the name of every connection with that status and not on the port/IP address view when you deploy the + sign for every connection?

It makes understanding the Connections view much easier... Look at the attached picture..






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Yes, but some times you also have more statuses than only listening for the same process. (So a process is listening on some connections and on some it is connected to an IP)


And I want to add that it also should have the possibility to sort it. Actually you can't sort anything there.

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What you guys haven't given a priority is whether it is a local port or a remote port.

local not really being as important and not needed to be viewed as much as remote.

You have your router if you need to examine local ports.

But any remote connections should be examined to make sure its legit connections.


I like the idea of simplifying the objects to listen on being displayed.

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