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Discord Voice channel can't be accessed while Parental control is On

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Guest Radovan

I need my child to allow using Voice channel on Discord application and/or webpage. It works only if Parental control (ParC) is off, even if https://discord.com* and *discord* are set as Exceptions.

If I turn ParC On, connection can't start. If I turn it off, connection establishes and lasts even after turnig ParC off. But after interruption can't reconnect.

Is it issue of ESET Internet Security, or Windows Setting, or what is wrong?

I am not sure I would find this Topic again, please write your comments to ...

Thanks a lot

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Please make sure that the following categories are allowed:
Instant Messenger
Internet Phone & VOIP

Alternatively you can add "discord.com"  as a url exception if it's blocked by a category rule.

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